Amr Abd El Hady


Amr is graduated from Faculty of Commerce - Accounting Major, Cairo University in May 1996. He started his career as an Auditor in KPMG Hazem Hassan Public Accountant & consultants for twelve years. During that period he reviewed and evaluated many leading companies, banks, investment funds and non-profit organizations in Egypt and he also had training courses related to auditing and accounting field.

He also had a Chartered Accountant license for the adoption of joint stock companies financial statements. He Passed the Medium Semester Exam of Egyptian Society of Accountant and Auditors.

Then, Amr joined Egyptian Housing Finance Company (EHFC) as a deputy finance manager for three years; EHFC is a leader company in mortgage finance field in Egypt and Owned by Crédit Agricole Egypt, during that period he participated in the preparation and implementation of Oracle - Flex cube Lending and Leasing system.

After which Amr joined Union Capital team as a finance manager.