Tarek Tawfik

Senior Investment Analyst

Tarek is an experienced Investment Analyst with a successful career performing fundamental analysis and projections, as well as equity trading, fixed income and options in currencies/commodities and precious metals. With a BA in Finance and CMP holder from the Egyptian Investment Management Association (EIMA), Tarek role as an Investment Analyst with UC entails building and valuating business plans for private equity opportunities; trading in the Local stock market. This entails screening, research, and investment recommendations based on technical and fundamental analysis, trading in the Forex market(Spot trades and Options) and fixed income; regularly reviewing the company's asset allocation using both top down and bottom up approaches, and conducting careful financial analysis of proposed transactions and portfolio companies. Prior to his work at UC, Tarek was also an account officer at the Arabeya for Securities Brokerage, where he monitored the Egyptian Stock Market for the purpose of following up clients investments, as well as executed brokerage transactions and made recommendations to clients based on their financial situation and risk tolerance.