UC’S Role in Supporting SMEs in Egypt

Despite the significant contribution of SMEs to the Egyptian economy, they receive little attention from financial institutions, and with the exception of technology-focused funds, banks and policy makers in Egypt often overlook and underestimate SME sector.

As a result, SMEs in Egypt suffer while working around macro-economic challenges and fluctuations in the market. That’s why the management team at Union Capital takes on the challenge of supporting SMEs with pride and passion; we believe in the unique opportunities and economic contribution that SMEs can provide for the Egyptian economy, despite the challenges they face.

SMEs are crucial to the economic growth process in Egypt. They have the potential to contribute sustainability to the economy and Egypt’s future development, and can provide a strong foundation for the growth of new industries, as well as strengthen existing ones.

Here at Union Capital, we strongly believe in those under-served markets and in motivated entrepreneurial talents, and their role in the nation’s production network. We are a highly experienced and dedicated team with a vision of advancement for Egyptian SMEs and hence economic development. Our team has over 50 years of accumulated experience, and possesses both the drive and talent to make sound investments and partnerships in promising new businesses. We believe in offering SMEs a much-needed hand to grow their business into successful corporates and solid companies.