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Upholding the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity

At Union Capital, we don’t manage, but we investment in smart management


is to support and enable its partners to become high-performance entities

Placing the interest of our firm and our clients ahead of our own





The founders of Union Capital saw both the need and opportunity to establish a fund that provides private equity to those in the space between owning established companies and green-field start-ups, given that historically, the majority of private equity transactions in Egypt were made during buyouts of large existing businesses or of greenfield financing.

  • At Union Capital, we don’t manage, but we investment in smart management. To date, Union Capital has established its first fund, sized at EGP150 million, known as Union Capital Private Equity I. The fund offers investors the opportunity to achieve a robust rate of return from a combination of capital gains and income from equity investments in small and medium sized businesses in Egypt. Our investments range from EGP 2 million to EGP 8 million with stakes between 20% and 40%.
    Here at Union Capital, our objective is to provide equity capital for growth and expansion. Our investment selection process is therefore geared toward financing those companies looking to grow through the transfer, adaptation and commercialization of existing technologies.

Supporting SMEs in Egypt

SMEs are crucial to the economic growth process in Egypt. They have the potential to contribute sustainability to the economy and Egypt’s future development, and can provide a strong foundation for the growth of new industries, as well as strengthen existing ones. Here at Union Capital, we strongly believe in those underserved markets and in motivated entrepreneurial

  • talents, and their role in the nation’s production network. We are a highly experienced and dedicated team with a vision of advancement for Egyptian SMEs and hence economic development. Our team has over 50 years of experience, and possesses both the drive and talent to make sound investments and partnerships in promising new businesses. We believe in offering SMEs a much-needed hand to grow their business into successful corporates and solid companies.

Growth, Development, Reconstruction, and Expansion

Union Capital’s investment strategy is to provide risk capital in order to enable the growth, development, reconstruction, and expansion of Egyptian SMEs. We do this through the upgrading, modernization, and professionalization of their management

  • systems, service delivery, and polished business models in order to enhance their organizational capacity, operational competence, and commercial success.
  • Union Capital makes investments in companies that operate, but are not necessarily incorporated, within Egypt. Investments include expansion capital, spin-offs from business reconstruction or privatizations, and management buy-outs.

Union Capital and its staff are among the thousands of corporations world -wide supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through its professional, community and social corporate responsibility work. Spread the word and learn about the goals by visiting the website http://www.globalgoals.org./